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tilbud og color line rabattkode i august 2018 på vg rabattkoder. Neues vom multiroom- audiosystem von sonos. Telly on a stand, put it on a Playbase instead. That could be a major consideration for some. Its solidly built, and the precisely machined holes that cover the device for maximum air control are pretty cool. Like many other sound bars, cisco press rabatt the Playbar expects you to connect your home theater devices directly to your TV, then connect your TV's optical audio output directly to the sound bar. Instead, Sonos flexes its design expertise with a host of nifty features that show the company's attention to detail.

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If your TV is oppdag rabatter wall-mounted and you want to mount a speaker system underneath it, the Playbar is the obvious choice - even though the wall bracket is a 40 optional extra. Its got a handful of flaws whereas the Playbase has just the one, but its the comparative size of these flaws that makes the difference. Its just the nature of the thing. All of which means if youre not a wall-mounter, the Playbase makes more sense. Other than ethernet, the Playbase and Playbar have just power and optical connections, with the latter being the only method of getting sound from your TV to the speaker. Sonoss argument is: having a single optical connection from TV to speaker makes everything simpler. Theres certainly some truth to that, but we cant help but feel a soundbar or soundbase that accepts almost any input, strips out the audio and then sends the video to the TV is actually just as simple and ultimately more flexible. But, ultimately, its the wall-mounters that will be getting marginally the better of these two Sonos devices. There are differences in the materials used in the two devices too, with the Playbar having a metal and cloth outer shell and the Playbase being entirely plastic - but each device is equally stylish in its own way. Its a simple, minimalist slab with a large, flat surface to place your TV upon. The only real feature difference between the Playbar and Playbase is the Playbar has one extra ethernet socket, taking its total to two. Play:1, Play:3 or, play:5 speakers, and/or can be granted a huge extra dollop of bass via the.

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